Just when you think spring is near, Mother Nature slaps you in face. EVERY. DAMN. YEAR!

Mother Nature could be saving her worst for last. Just weeks away from Spring and the biggest snowstorm of the season may be days away, bringing lots of snow.

The National Weather Service is keeping an eye on a Lake Effect storm that could last a few days and dump snow in feet. Where it falls depends on the wind.

Several inches of snow may accumulate quickly Wednesday night and Thursday morning, especially across Tug Hill Plateau. The lake effect snow will begin Thursday and continue into the weekend. Areas near Lake Ontario and Lake Erie around Buffalo and west of 81 in upstate New York could see the brunt of it. "A foot or more is possible over a three to four day period in northern Oneida County."

We'll keep you updated as the storm gets closer. You keep your snowblower gassed up and ready to go....just in case.

Photo Credit - Noaa.gov
Photo Credit - Noaa.gov

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Winter Weather Preparation:

  • Keep your cell phone charged and make sure you know where your backup power supply is.
  • Make sure all your flashlights have fresh batteries.
  • Fill your gas tank. You can use your car to keep warm and recharge devices.
  • Have some food available that you don’t need to cook.

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