If you want to experience the beauty of New York by taking a nice drive, a quick trip to the Adirondacks is exactly what you're looking for.

Most of the time when we see lists of the best something-or-other in each state, whatever is named for New York State has something to do with New York City. Seriously, it happens like, 95-percent of the time. The best burger in each state? Of course New York's is some little cafe in Brooklyn. Most underrated thing to do? Yeah, it's something else in the City...

But not this time. Not with this list we found. Thanks to the good people at Business Insider, who put together a list of "The Most Incredible Roads in Each State," and DIDN'T name some roadway in New York City. They definitely got this one right by naming this stretch of road in the Adirondacks.

It's a little bit of a drive from the Utica/Rome area, but it would make for a great day trip or a nice weekend getaway (especially as we get further into spring, and close to the start of summer). Business Insider names the Whiteface Veterans Memorial Highway as the most incredible road in New York. According to Business Insider,

Driving through the Adirondacks is much more relaxing than navigating the crowded streets of the Big Apple. The Whiteface Veterans Memorial Highway, also known as State Route 431, shows off the surrounding mountains as you make your way up Whiteface Mountain.


A lot of the roads through the Adirondacks are beautiful with great views of the lakes and mountains, but we're glad Business Insider named Route 431. So the next time you want a weekend away, or just want to get out for a bit, consider heading to Whiteface. Just make sure you drive Route 431 and take in the incredible scenery.




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