While there are those who bemoan the placement of rock in today's landscape, back in 1999 it was thriving. Just ahead of the turn of the century, while grunge had long since vacated its place atop the rock food chain, what was being dubbed as nu metal was more than taking its place; as record labels rushed to sign the next "best" heavy bands.

Acts that blended heavy with rap or electronic groove were especially popular, and a few acts that had been toiling in that style for a few years finally found success while others caught lightning in a bottle arriving at just the right time.

It wasn't all nu metal though, as pop punk started to rise in the eyes and ears of radio listeners and a few holdovers who found influence in the grunge era still found success in a less cluttered market. So without further adieu, let's take it back a couple of decades and count down the 15 Best Hard Rock Albums of 1999.

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