Hard to believe there are still dry towns in this day and age. One of New York's remaining seven of these may be in for a change.

Voters in the town of Argyle, north of Albany, will vote November 5th on allowing the sale of alcohol. Argyle has been dry at stores, bars and all establishments since national Prohibition ended in 1933. Voters have rejected attempts to repeal the town’s dry status 11 times over the years, most recently in 2000. Drive through the town and it's impossible to miss the "Wet Town Now" signs urging voters to go to the polls.

The initiative is spearheaded the presence of Highlander Brewing Co., a self-proclaimed "farm to pint" business that makes beer (but can't serve it) in Argyle.

Argyle (population 3,700) is the largest of the completely dry towns remaining in New York state. The other seven include Orwell, the snowmobile enthusiasts area in Oswego County.

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