A potential 30 Rock revival is building more and more steam. Creator and star Tina Fey is taking the blame for recent rumors, but looking more into a Muppet Babies-style prequel or hot robot-on-robot action. We may need to explain that last one.

It started a few months ago when NBC boss Bob Greenblatt revealed the network was considering both Office and 30 Rock revivals, as Fey had apparently told him, “I don’t know, maybe.” The idea gained steam when star and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt migrant Jane Krakowski confirmed that some-level of talks had taken place, and Fey herself now confirms to Jimmy Fallon she may be to blame. Fan interest is real, but Fey may only participate if the cast gets to do something crazy with the concept (h/t E!):

A little bit of that is on me. Like, I must be so thirsty for internet attention that I was like, ‘Maybe’ … Who knows? Robert Carlock and I, we would never do a straight reboot because that would be too easy … We’re trying to think of a way to do something. Should we do a prequel that’s like Muppet Babies? Or, like, set in a dystopian future where there’s a lot of robot sex?

Revivals are precisely the kind of TV concept 30 Rock would parody, so the cast may be better served by a smaller special. The same may be true of The Office, as star John Krasinski expressed interest in returning for a Christmas special more-so than a full season. NBC has its hands full with three seasons of a Will & Grace revival anyway, and – as Fey joked to TVInsider last year – “I’d like them to air the original episodes in primetime again, because nobody saw them the first time anyway.”

In the meantime, Fey’s efforts are concentrated on the Broadway run of Mean Girls, and hosting the Season 43 finale of SNL.

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