Preliminary antibody testing indicates million of people in New York state have been infected by COVID-19.

Governor Andrew Cuomo says 13.9 percent of the 3,000 people sampled for coronavirus antibodies tested positive.

The samples were taken at box stores and supermarkets, including the Wegmans store in Johnson City.

During his Thursday briefing, Cuomo said the tests were positive for people who were infected by COVID-19 and developed the antibodies to fight the infection.

People sampled in sections of the state outside of New York City, Westchester and Rockland counties, and Long Island had a 3.6 percent positive rate in the initial series of antibody tests.

The positive rate for New York City was 21.2 percent. The rate for Westchester and Rockland was 11.7 percent and the rate for Long Island was 16.7 percent.

Broome County officials were told that samples were obtained from 100 people at the Johnson City Wegmans store on Sunday for the first round of antibody testing.

Cuomo said the results support the plan to do a regional analysis in developing a reopening strategy for the state.


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