You Can’t Share a Camp Chair

Perhaps the greatest invention since the car cup holder is the collapsible camp chair. Bringing your portable chair into shows means comfort. You can even supersize your chair with recliner-like extensions and crazy hanging storage, too. Most chairs come with two cup holders which enables two-fisted drinking if you’re up to it. And they are pretty lightweight although I am not good at stuffing it back in its carry bag. How did we live for so long with just a blanket? The blanket covered the anthills but offered no padding. It didn’t even provide a good sight line to the stage. However, the laying of the blanket was most important. It was territory! You had a plot and a place. The blanket created patches of real estate that sober concert-goers hopped over and drunk concert-goers trampled. And sometimes you shared that blanket with someone you met at the show…. You really can’t share a camp chair.