The Greatest Rock Voice of All Time

Depeche Mode is not in my collection. I pulled out the 3 discs I had been keeping for no apparent reason and put them aside to mail to an old friend that loves the band. Hearing just one note of electronica makes me dizzy. Onward. Dio is one of my favorites. You will hear me proclaim at every opportunity that Ronnie James Dio had the greatest rock voice ever. A diminutive man with a huge presence and enormous lungs. “Holy Diver” is a perfect rock album. It is my go-to workout album. And I really like to sing with Ronnie. I must be quite a sight as I churn down the roads on my bike bellowing “Rainbow in the Dark.”  A bit of Central New York pride comes busting through to although it is well known that once he met success and moved to Cali, he rarely came back to his hometown.