The Foo Fighters and Fogerty

I love the Foo Fighters and have all of their releases. All of their songs are great blasting on the radio in the car. I sometimes crave the energy I hear and feel when listening to them. I do have one Foreigner CD-their Greatest Hits-and I’m covered in case anyone asks if I have any Foreigner. I have lots of John Fogerty solo releases. Every time I bought one, I thought this will be the one that captures the CCR feel that I love. Although “Revival” has a couple of anti-war songs it doesn’t quite have the sound I was hoping for. “Wrote A Song for Everyone” is terrific but it’s a mostly a collection of reworked CCR songs. Fogerty pairs up with some of his musician friends, including the Foo Fighters to re-record his staples. The old songs manage to sound fresh without stepping out of the box.