The Beatles vs The Stones

In the “B”s of my collection and there are no Beatles CDs. What? Well, I have the red and blue hit collections that came out in the Seventies, on vinyl. And I own “Revolver” on vinyl. I do not own one Beatles CD. I have never felt an urge to pop in a Beatles CD and listen to the Fab Four. Am I missing a chromosome? No, I made a quick decision way back when that I was a Stones fan, not a Beatles fan. There was a time that you chose camps..Beatles vs Stones. I emphatically chose the Stones. I liked their R&B lean,  and most of all, I liked their bad boy swagger. Plus, my mother liked Beatles songs. I couldn’t possibly like the same music as my mother. I like Beatles songs and know the words to every one. I even had a Beatles wallet. I won’t turn a Beatles song off if it comes on the radio but I won’t seek out their music either.  Total appreciation for the Beatles. Total love for the Rolling Stones.