Rocking the River

It doesn’t take much coaxing for me to get out on a river in a canoe. I love canoeing. I would go every day if I could haul the canoe myself but I can’t so I have to wait until my better half feels like carrying and dragging 70 pounds. I’ve only been out a handful of times so far this season and the next to last time was a bit of a scare. I knew I would tip over in a canoe at some point. Everyone does. I can swim and am not afraid of the water. I was not prepared for how intense tipping a canoe is near a fallen tree in the middle of a river bend.  It’s a lot different than dumping in a lake. The canoe immediately fills with water and the current pins it against the tree. Plus, you get to watch your paddles float down the river. It was only about 3 feet deep where we tipped but the force of the water made it feel like we were under Niagara Falls. I don’t know how we got the canoe out but we did. We paddled a bit with sticks until we caught up with our paddles. We were wet. We were tired and we learned that rocking the river in a canoe is not to be taken lightly.