My 25 year old cassette

Bon Jovi has just announced that the band will be releasing the definitive 25th anniversary edition of “New Jersey’. This is one super deluxe re-mastered package that I am actually interested in. My only copy of “New Jersey” is a cassette and it may be time to get a CD copy. That cassette has lasted for 25 years, without a case, stuffed into the glove compartment of a car I only drive 3 months of the year. Through temperature changes and frequent scrambles for license and registration, that cassette is still playable. I look forward to that first top-down day each year when I reach for that cassette, stuff it into the factory-issued in-dash cassette player and turn the knob to ten. That cassette, a pair of sunglasses and an open road has been my welcome summer ritual for 25 years. That cassette has served me well. Maybe I don’t need that super deluxe re-mastered CD boxset after all.