Calling the Hamster in the Bowl, “Dad?”

The music of perennial bad boys Motley Crue is appearing in the soundtrack for a new series of television commercials. The ads are not for a decadent night out, the liquor of the month or a Vegas soiree but for Sprint. I have seen at least two versions of the ads which tout the Framily plan and the Crue’s “Home Sweet Home” is the song that pulls it all together. In one version, the song gets a singalong in French, in another it is the background of spirited discussion around the breakfast table. Am I the only person that doesn’t get the hamster in the bowl at the table? Albeit, it’s not “Dr, Feelgood” or “Kickstart My Heart” but apparently it’s effective to pair rowdy rock stars with cell service pitches. Here’s the link to one of the ads