From the Greatest Voice to the Worst Voice?

The letter “D”. Bob Dylan. 35 studio albums, live albums and the amazing bootleg series. I have most of his stuff. I lack most of his 80’s releases but I do own “Infidels” and “Oh Mercy.” I felt reckless and wild when I listened to his stuff in the 70’s. His music hit me hard. I bought my copy of “Blood on the Tracks” at the Coop at Harvard Square the day it came out. A bunch of friends came over to my house that night and we listened to it over and over and over. We discussed the lyrics as if we were great philosophers. “Idiot Wind,” Tangled Up in Blue,” and “Shelter from the Storm.” Within hours, we had that record memorized. And then, I caught a couple of shows with the Rolling Thunder Revue. So alive and vivid, I can still bring the whole event to mind. I love Dylan and I acknowledge his lack of voice on stage now but I still go. I still feel it. And, I consider my collection of his records my most precious. Yeah, I said that.