Confessions of a Music Junkie More “A”s

Bryan Adams.I think of his big huge songs that have filled arenas for years and years. Because of them, I kept his greatest hits album. It is unlikely that I will ever listen to it. I kept a couple of Anthrax Cds because I do have a metal side. And I love Joey Belladonna. I have never listened to Air Supply and Ambrosia so I don’t have anything to toss from those bands. I have always disliked sappy music. I have kept Asia, A Perfect Circle, Aztec Two-Step and the Atlanta Rhythm Section. ARS with it’s southern rock flavor was never as successful as the “Brothers” but I keep them in the same category in my head. There are a lot of keepers under the letter “A” in my collection. You will be probably be shocked at what I dumped in the “B” category which I will reveal in my next post.