Box Sets are for Suckers

As a fan of many classic rock bands, I seem to be buying a lot of box sets lately. If it is a band I really love, I don’t care what reviewers say about the release, I am going to buy it because well, I am a fan. My music collection is busting out at the seams with boxes of all shapes and sizes. I only want the previously unreleased songs and the demos and the alternate versions but, I have to buy the whole box set to get those tracks. And I have to buy the correct box set because most artists release several versions. There is the vinyl version-no, thanks. The deluxe version which usually has the extra tracks I want and the super deluxe version with books or photos and a DVD. That’s the stuff I will look at once that will remain in the box never to be seen again. Box sets seem to be the perfect way for an artist to make money without doing anything. Incredibly, musicians are making money on the very songs that they rejected, that were not worthy many moons ago. Must be plenty of suckers, er, fans out there like me.