In the “E”s and I don’t own any music from one of my favorite bands

The letter “E” in my collection is truly represented by The Eagles. Not until the recent documentary on the band did I think I was a big fan. The “History of the Eagles” was tremendous and gave me a good view of the band members. Glenn Frey is a hoot. And, Don Henley came off as likable. The film was just one hit song after another. All of the songs were on the radio. I enjoyed it so much, I immediately bought tickets to see them on their current tour and ended up catching a show in Bethel this past summer and experienced one the best shows I have ever seen.

Most of my Eagles collection is early stuff and it is all on vinyl which I never play. I have tickets from several Eagles concerts from the ‘70’s in my ticket stub stash including one from a show at Schaeffer Stadium in 1975. Imagine 5 friends in a Pinto heading down the Mass Pike. That is, five people jammed into a tin can with the radio blasting. It’s nearing the end of our senior year and we are ready for a day of music. We laughed, we sang and I think we even cried our goodbyes at that show. Bic lighters and all. The Eagles are a significant part of my musical life and so large in my own head that I don’t ever need to play their music anymore.