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Blue Moon Café Weekly Playlists

  • April 23, 2017

    Steely Dan                Doctor Wu                                                
    Cat Stevens               Can’t Keep It In                                         
    Tracy Chapman             Crossroads                                               
    Harry Chapin              Story Of A Life                                          
    Jackson Browne            Here                                                     
    Joni Mitchell             Woodstock                                                
    Nick Drake                One of These First                                       
    James Taylor              Stretch of the Highway                                   
    Don Henley                Take A Picture of This                                   
    Bonnie Raitt              My First Night Alone Without You                         
    Mumford & Sons            Awake My Soul                                            
    Donovan Frankenreiter     Free (W Jjohnson)                                        
    Jimmy Buffett             Tin Cup Chalice  
    John Prine                You Got Gold                                             
    Simon & Garfunkel         The Boxer                                                
    Bob Dylan                 Buckets Of Rain                                          
    Dusty Pascal              Brick and Stone                                          
    Ray Lamontagne            Supernova                                                
    Little Feat               Sailin Shoes w Emmylou                                   
    Mark Knopfler & Emmylou H This Is Us                                               
    Cat Stevens               Longer Boats                                             
    John Hiatt                Lipstick Sunset-LIVE                                     
    Van Morrison              Wavelength                                               
    Aztec Two-Step            Rabbit In The Moon                                       
    Jonathan Edwards          Shanty                                                   
    The Band                  Share Your Love With Me  
    CSN&Y                     Country Girl                                             
    Elton John                Friends                                                  
    Hot Tuna                  Water Song                                               
    James Taylor              Places In My Past                                        
    Amos Lee                  With You                                                 
    Bob Dylan                 Desolation Row                                           
    Donovan Frankenreiter     It Don’t Matter                                          
    Steve Goodman             California Promises                                      
    John Mayer                Free Fallin’-LIVE                                        
    Jimmy Buffett             Everybody’s Talkin’                                      
    Tracy Chapman             Change                                                   
    John Prine                Clay Pigeons
    Robbie Robertson          Somewhere Down The Crazy River                           
    JACKSON BROWNE            Lives In The Balance                                     
    Bruce Cockburn            Pacing The Cage-ACOUSTIC                                 
    Paul Simon                American Tune                                            
    Warren Zevon              Carmelita                                                
    Joni Mitchell             Just Like This Train                                     
    Tom Waits                 Martha                                                   
    Hall and Oates            If I Had Known You Better Then                           
    Jamestown Revival         Poor Man’s Gold                                          
    Stephen Stills            Treetop Flyer                                            
    Elton John                This Song Has No Title                                   
    Ritchie Havens            Here Comes The Sun                                       
    Aztec Two-Step            Almost Apocalypse
    Warren Haynes             Beautifully Broken                                       
    Bob Dylan                 Everything Is Broken                                     
    Steve Goodman             The Dutchman                                             
    James Taylor              October Road                                             
    Van Morrison              Let It Rhyme                                             
    John Prine                Sam Stone                                                
    Eagles                    The Last Resort-LIVE                                     
    Tracy Chapman             All That You Have is Your Soul                           
    Mumford & Sons            The Cave ACOUSTIC                                        
    Tom Petty                 Wake Up Time                                             
    Indigo Girls              I Don’t Want To Talk About It                            
    Bruce Springsteen         We Are Alive                                             
    Joni Mitchell             The Hissing of Summer Lawns                              

  • April 16, 2017

    Paul Simon                Still Crazy After All These Years                        
    Bob Dylan                 Lily, Rosemary And The Jack Of Hearts                    
    Van Morrison              Once in A Blue Moon                                      
    Gordon Lightfoot          Medley: I’m Not Sayin-Ribbon                             
    Ryan Adams                To Be Without You                                        
    Graham Nash               Behind the Shades                                        
    Robert Plant & Alison Kra Killing the Blues                                        
    Carly Simon               (We Have No)Secrets                                      
    Avett Brothers            True Sadness                                             
    Steve Miller              Wild Mountain Honey                                      
    John Prine                Ain’t Hurtin’ Nobody                                     
    Bruce Springsteen         Waiting On a Sunny Day                                   
    Jack Johnson              Upside Down                                              
    Bonnie Raitt              About To Make Me Leave Home                              
    Eagles                    Ol ’55
    Jackson Browne            The Pretender                                            
    The Byrds                 You Ain’t Going Nowhere                                  
    JJ Cale                   After Midnight                                           
    Steely Dan                Haitian Divorce                                          
    Amos Lee                  Wait Up for Me                                           
    Bruce Hornsby             Circus on the Moon                                       
    Dire Straits              Brothers In Arms                                         
    Eric Clapton              Old Love-unplugged                                       
    CSN&Y                     Man In The Mirror                                        
    Lyle Lovett               North Dakota
    The Band                  It Makes No Difference                                   
    Joni Mitchell             A Case Of You                                            
    Jackson Browne            Daddy’s Tune                                             
    Billy Joel                Summer Highland Falls                                    
    Taj Mahal & Keb’Mo        All Around the World                                     
    Van Morrison              Into the Mystic Take 11                                  
    Bruce Springsteen         4th Of July, Asbury Park(Sandy)                          
    The Byrds                 My Back Pages                                            
    ARTIST ID-Warren Haynes   This Is Blue Moon Cafe                                   
    Gov’t Mule                Sarah, Surrender                                         
    Aztec Two-Step            Living In America                                        
    Steve Forbert             Tonight I Feel So Far Away                               
    Fairport Convention       I Don’t Know Where I Stand                               
    Bonnie Raitt              Run Like A Thief
    Bob Dylan                 The Levee’s Gonna Break                                  
    John Prine                Illegal Smile                                            
    Vaughan Brothers          Tick Tock                                                
    Melissa Etheridge         You Can Sleep While I Drive                              
    Mark Knopfler             Someday                                                  
    STEELY DAN                Peg                                                      
    John Mellencamp           Easy Target                                              
    Tom Petty                 To Find A Friend                                         
    Robert Plant              All The King’s Horses                                    
    James Taylor              Country Road                                             
    Ray Lamontagne            You Can Bring Me Flowers                                 
    Van Morrison              It Must Be You                                           
    Gordon Lightfoot          Lazy Mornin’
    Jackson Browne            For A Dancer-LIVE                                        
    Jimmy Buffett             Wonder Why We Ever Go Home                               
    Cat Stevens               Miles From Nowhere                                       
    Pousette-Dart Band        What Can I Say                                           
    Jack Johnson              Good People                                              
    Simon & Garfunkel         Keep The Customer Satisfied                              
    Ryan Adams                Do You Still Love Me?                                    
    Amos Lee                  All My Friends                                           
    Robbie Robertson          What About Now                                           
    CS&N                      Marrakesh Express                                        
    Rod Stewart               Handbags & Gladrags                                      
    Bruce Hornsby & The Range Every Little Kiss                                        
    Steely Dan                Blues Beach                                              

  • April 9, 2017

    Jackson Browne            The Road                                                 
    Gregg Allman              Come and Go Blues                                        
    Eagles                    Waiting in the Weeds                                     
    Mark Knopfler & Emmylou H Beyond My Wildest Dreams                                 
    Dawes                     Rol with the Punches                                     
    Bruce Cockburn            Lovers In A Dangerous Time                               
    Amos Lee                  Colors                                                   
    Marc Cohn                 Life Goes On                                             
    Bob Weir                  Only A River                                             
    Bonnie Raitt              Love Has No Pride                                        
    The Wallflowers           6th Avenue Heartache                                     
    Tracy Chapman             Bridges
    Bob Dylan                 Shooting Star                                            
    Nanci Griffith            Southbound Train                                         
    Van Morrison              I’m Not Feeling It Anymore                               
    Cat Stevens               Peace Train                                              
    Tom Petty                 No More                                                  
    Jimmy Buffett             Delaney Talks To Statues                                 
    Dusty Pascal              In                                                       
    Allman Brothers Band      In Memory Of Eliz Reed-ACOUSTIC                          
    Donna Colton              Killing the Day                                          
    Jackson Browne            Something Fine                                           
    John Hiatt                Feels Like Rain                                          
    Levon Helm                Wide River to Cross
    Jerry Garcia              Sugaree                                                  
    Graham Nash               Immigration Man                                          
    Marc Cohn                 Silver Thunderbird                                       
    James Taylor              Blossom                                                  
    John Mellencamp           In the Company of Cowards                                
    Bob Dylan                 Love Minus Zero/No Limit                                 
    Warren Zevon              Mohammed’s Radio                                         
    Steve Goodman             Would You Like To Learn To Dance?                        
    Mark Knopfler             Long Cool Girl                                           
    Joni Mitchell             Chelsea Morning                                          
    Elton John                Blues For My Baby And Me                                 
    John Prine                Quiet Man                                                
    Bruce Hornsby             Gonna Be Some Changes Made
    Jimmy Buffett             Nothin’ But A Breeze                                     
    CSN                       Change Partners-LIVE                                     
    The Wallflowers           3 Marlenas                                               
    Cat Stevens               Hard Headed Woman                                        
    Tom Dean w Aztec Two-Step A Day in the Life                                        
    Jackson Browne            Before The Deluge                                        
    Amos Lee                  What’s Been Going On                                     
    Eric Clapton              We’re All The Way                                        
    John Hiatt                Have A Little Faith In Me                                
    The Band                  Atlantic City                                            
    Nick Drake                Pink Moon                                                
    Eagles                    Learn To Be Still                                        
    Mark Knopfler & Emmylou H Beachcombing
    Van Morrison              Warm Love                                                
    Aztec Two-Step            Stargazers                                               
    Steve Goodman             My Old Man                                               
    Joni Mitchell             Hejira                                                   
    John Prine                Who’s Going to Take the Garbage Out                      
    Warren Haynes             Gold Dust Woman                                          
    Bonnie Raitt              Gypsy In Me                                              
    Paul Simon                Peace Like A River                                       
    Alison Krauss             River in the Rain                                        
    Bruce Cockburn            If I Had A Rocket Launcher                               
    Harry Nilsson             Early in the Morning                                     
    Chris Trapper             Look What the Wind Blew in                               
    Bob Dylan                 Jokerman                                                 

  • April 2, 2017

    Tom Petty                 You and I
    Van Morrison              The Healing Game
    Steve Goodman             Banana Republics
    Bob Dylan                 A Hard Rain’s A Gonna Fall-LIVE
    James Taylor              Angels of Fenway
    Crosby & Nash             Lay Me Down
    Avett Brothers            Murder In the City
    Cat Stevens               On The Road To Findout
    Counting Crows            Amie
    Jimmy Buffett             Tryin’ To Reason With Hurricane Season
    The Jayhawks              Settled Down Like Rain
    Paul Simon                American Tune
    Lyle Lovett               If I Had a Boat
    Gordon Lightfoot          A Painter Passing Through
    John Prine                New Train
    Bonnie Raitt              Thing Called Love
    Marc Cohn                 I Hope That I Don’t Fall in Love with Yo
    Joni Mitchell             My Secret Place
    Bruce Hornsby             Go Back to Your Woods
    Freddy Jones              In A Daydream
    Tracy Chapman             Smoke and Ashes
    John Mellencamp           Jackie Brown
    James Taylor              September Grass
    The Faces                 Ooh La La
    Crosby & Nash             I Surrender
    Gregg Allman              Ain’t Wastin’ Time No More-LIVE
    Tom Petty                 Something Good Comin’
    Amos Lee                  Mama Sail to Me
    Steely Dan                Bad Sneakers
    Van Morrison              Everytime I See A River
    Mark Knopfler             The Trawlerman
    Karen Savoca              On The River Road
    Bruce Springsteen         Factory
    Eric Clapton & Jj Cale    Ride the River
    Jackson Browne            Jamaica Say You Will
    Donovan Frankenreiter     Life, Love & Laughter
    Rickie Lee Jones          The Last Chance Texaco
    Jimmy Buffett             Changes In Latitudes, Changes In Attitude
    Bob Dylan                 Things Have Changed
    Tracy Chapman             Telling Stories
    Bonnie Raitt              Louise
    Dusty Pascal              Hot Air Balloons
    Robert Cray               The Same Love that Makes You Laugh
    Gordon Lightfoot          Early Morning Rain
    Jack Johnson              Gone
    Harry Nilsson             Moonbeam Song
    Warren Haynes             Glory Road
    Van Morrison              Cleaning Windows
    Fleetwood Mac             Oh Daddy
    The Jayhawks              Blue
    Steve Goodman             Where’s The Party
    CSN&Y                     Taken At All
    Warren Zevon              Knockin’ On Heavens Door
    Bruce Springsteen         We Take Care of Our Own
    Pousette-Dart Band        Fall On Me
    John Mellencamp           Grandview
    Steely Dan                Any Major Dude
    Tom Petty                 You and I Will Meet Again
    Shawn Mullins             Cold Black Heart
    Bob Weir & Grace Potter   Friend of the Devil
    Bob Dylan                 Absolutely Sweet Marie
    Paul Simon                Have A Good Time
    Mumford & Sons            Timshel
    Eric Clapton              Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Ou

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